What Muftaah offers

Our services are gifted with the following service characteristics;


The system will offer excellent invoicing.

Universal access

Our services are accessible anywhere by the user.

Expense tracking

It offers efficient options for expense tracking.

Cloud accounting

Utilizing the cloud technology, our system leverages the potential of cloud accounting for added efficiency.

Data security

The system utilizes state-of-the-art access control and data security technologies.

VAT friendly

It is built taking into account all the VAT provisions and protocols for easier taxation.

Accountant friendly

The users will be able to utilize all the features and traits of the system easily and effortlessly.

Automatic backup

All the transactions that happen through the system are backed-up for future use and utilization

Easy-to-read reports

The product helps produce effective and easy-to-read reports.

Cash flow management

The system offers flawless cash flow management.

Full support

Customers are given with comprehensive support as and when needed by the clients.

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