About Muftaah

Muftaah is the cloud based ERP solution developed by IRSAA for managing all business process relating to  finances, employees, salaries, inventory, sales and purchases etc. to small and medium enterprises. Our solutions are created to help you drive better management, accounting and business productivity and efficiency.

Over the years, all our service offerings have helped various small and medium scale businesses to effectively utilize their assets, monetary, and human resources in the best way possible.

Our solutions are designed to take the place of whatever existing system you have with efficient and focused systems for matchless value for not only for your investments but also for you clients.

As a client-centric business, we know what our clients need and we offer just what they need at prices that they love.

We understand the scope of our clients’ operations and hence we always keep a pricing profile that helps them drive maximum worth for their investments.

There is no doubt that, with our services, you will certainly get to the top of the game in your industry.